Ghostbusters Movie Review

There was a huge negative response when it was first announced there would be a remake of the classic Ghostbusters with an all female cast. Once trailers began to come out it seemed that most of the crowd began to get on board. I had high hopes for this female

Nerve Movie Review

Nerve centers around high school senior Vee, Emma Roberts, who is becoming tired of her boring life after her best friend Sydney, Emily Meade, embarrasses her in front of her high school crush. Feeling like she needs to prove her friend wrong, Vee decides to sign up to play the

The Legend of Tarzan Movie Review

legend of tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan takes place years after Tarzan has left the jungle with his now wife Jane (Margot Robbie). He has left his jungle ways behind and  goes by his real name John Clayton III, Earl Of Greystoke (Alexander Skarsgard). John is still adjusting to his new life with

The Purge: Election Year Movie Review

It's election year and what better way to introduce the upcoming campaign trail with The Purge: Election Year.  The movie takes place two years since Sergeant Barnes (Frank Grillo),  went through his own personal drama of the purge, to now becoming the head of security for upcoming Independent Presidential candidate Senator Charlene

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Movie Review

mike and dave

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates centers around the Stangle brothers Mike and Dave, Adam Devine and Zac Efron, who have been told by their family to find nice respectable wedding dates for their sister's wedding. Their family is tired of them ruining all of their family events with their

Me Before You Movie Review

I haven’t had a movie authentically move me in such a way since The Notebook. In Me Before You,  Sam Claflin portrays an excellent William Traynor, paraplegic man dealing with the challenges of his condition, so much so that I no longer refer to him as the guy from Hunger