My name is Sharronda. And my mission is to save Review Websites.

I know. You’re wondering if there was even a problem with review websites. Perhaps a bit misguided. Or maybe even delusional that I would even attempt to fix a problem that you didn’t even know existed.But that’s only because you don’t know me. Yet.

I am the person who reads review before I purchase anything! I know who has the time to read reviews today but if you want to make sure you are spending your money on something you’re not going to regret later reading reviews is the way to go. I would read the expert reviews thinking I was going to find some information to help me with my decision process but I always found that they only reviewed the specifications of the product yet I could never find what their experience was from using it.

The same thing went for movies. I would read a review and then I felt like I had to have went to school for theatre or directing in order to understand the critique. I just want to know if the movie was good and if I should spend money on a way too expensive movie ticket not if the imagery was good and would this film be nominated for an Oscar.

Let me be clear. I am not an expert critic but rather a consumer just like you who wants to help people save their money on a better product or movie. I am not paid to review anything on my site at all and I feel that honesty is needed these days with so many people being afraid to share their true opinion in fear that they will be dismissed and black balled.

My approach to reviews is different. It’s not the same stuff you are used to hearing or the expert specifications on products or the movie critic reviews that does not tell whether or not the movie was actually good. So, if you are looking for a new spin on reviews, you just found it at Pay Or Wait.

Pay Or Wait is a site with a modern twist on product reviews. Every review you read the author has tested or used the product or service mentioned. We pride ourselves on providing consumers with in depth information to help them decide which products or services best fit their needs. We cover the main categories of Food, Movies, Beauty, and Fitness. At the end of each review we will recommend whether you should Pay Or Wait for a better product to come along.