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3 New Shows You Should Be Watching On Netflix


July was a great month for my continuing relationship with my new bae Netflix. If I wasn’t addicted to Netflix’s original programming before, their latest June and July editions solidified the deal for me. Below I will introduce to you three binge worthy Netflix shows you should be watching.



This show is my favorite among the three listed, and I was instantly hooked from episode 1. This show is based on a middle aged financial advisor having to uproot his family from Chicago to move to the Ozarks after a deal with a drug cartel goes bad. This show does a great job on the drama and crime delivered while keeping the audience on their toes. If you haven’t watched this show yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Friends From College 


This witty comedy centers around a group of friends in their 40’s who met at Harvard. They all reunite when two of their friends rejoin the entire group once they move back to New York. I enjoyed this show due to their mix of comedy and realistic drama as friends who try to move on from their complicated pasts.



Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling (See what they did there?), is a comedy about a group of women who decide to become actresses and make a wrestling tv show pilot. I love seeing a show mainly consisting of women that are also funny. It brought me back to my wrestling nostalgia as the women learn the art of choreographed wrestling. This show will definitely take you on a ride back into the 80’s.

These are my 3 favorite shows on Netflix right now and I guarantee they won’t disappoint. Have you watched any of these shows? What did you think? Don’t forget to comment below what your favorite Netflix original show is!

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3 thoughts on “3 New Shows You Should Be Watching On Netflix

  1. I agree with you about Ozark but the last two are a great fail on Netflix’s part!!! I watched two episodes of friends from college but that’s all I could stand. This show is corny as hell!! As for Glow I had high hopes but this show disappointed me too. The wrestling action was great, and the story line was somewhat funny. This show should have been over the top!!! I was expecting this great show in my mind but what I got was a mediocre comedy drama. I kept watching hoping it would get better than it was over!!! There are a lot of great shows on Netflix here is my top three Wentworth, Master of None and Stranger Things. Honorable mentions… Orange is the new black, The OA, Travelers. 13 reasons why, Chewing Gum, Daredevil, Luke Cage, House of Cards and Sense8. As you can see I can go on and on. You can literally find something to watch on Netflix.

  2. Hey! So nice to meet you at Yelp event this evening. Love getting to know other WOC writers. I totally agree with Ozark and Glow, i have yet to see the Friends from College. But loved Ozark (it was reminiscent of Breaking Bad but with elements of Fargo and really solid storytelling). As for Glow, it was a wonderful period piece, with really strong characters, and a nice line between drama/humor. I appreciated how throughout the series the different personalities were humanized and I enjoyed the world they existed in which I knew absolutely nothing about. Anyway, glad I got to connect with you and talk Film and Tv! Here is my Film/Tv review link:

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