Vega One Plant Protein Powder Review

I have been looking for a plant based protein powder to use for the months that I go vegan. I had purchased a few packets of different plant based protein powders from GNC but none compared to Vega One. Vega One is a company focused on delivering a world of

Orange Theory Review Week 1

The summer is almost upon us and like me many of you are signing up for gym memberships to achieve your summer body. I call my weight loss journey #getitrightgetittight. I was talking to a neighbor who told me to join her at orange theory. I had always seen the

FitBit Alta Review

I have been wanting a fitness tracker for a while now to help me on my weight loss journey. I already have a Fitbit Aria scale so I decided to go with a Fitbit tracker as well. After a long wait for their new product line to come out for