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Mother’s Day Movie Review

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Another year another Gary Marshall holiday movie filled with A list celebrities with not enough material to make this movie good. Mother’s Day covers the lives of three women in three typical situations played by Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston, and Kate Hudson.

Julia Roberts plays the role of Miranda, a woman who has it all career wise but is realizing all she has sacrificed to make it to the top. Jennifer Aniston who actually tries her best to save this movie plays the middle aged divorcee, Sandy, who has to cope with her husband remarrying a 20’s teen bride. Kate Hudson ,Jesse in the movie, is tasked with lying to her racist parents about her Indian husband and family.

There are some funny moments in this movie but not enough to keep someone engaged for over two hours. I had high hopes for this move but that soon went away 30 minutes in. This is not a spend money on a movie ticket movie more like a wait for this to appear on TBS dinner and movie if you don’t have any better plans for the night.

Have you seen Mother’s Day yet? If so let’s hear what you thought about it!

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