Collateral Beauty Movie Review

Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty centers around Howard (Will Smith), a successful businessman, who has had a hard time dealing with the loss of his young daughter. Howard works at an ad agency with this business partners Whit (Edward Norton), Claire (Kate Winslet), and Simon (Michael Peña). Their business is currently in trouble since

Manchester by the Sea Movie Review

Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea introduces us to Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck), a grumpy janitor who also lacks social skills. He receives a phone call from the hospital in Manchester notifying him that his brother, Joe Chandler (Kyle Chandler) is gravely ill and he must come to the hospital immediately. Once

Miss Sloane Movie Review

Miss Sloane

Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is not only at the top of her game but has a reputation as one of the most influential lobbyists in Washington D.C. She is not only respected but also feared as a person you do not want to cross if you want a long career in

Man Down Movie Review

Man Down

Man Down centers around Gabriel Drummer (Shia LaBeouf) who is currently undergoing what seems to be a medical evaluation following an incident during his service. Counselor Peyton (Gary Oldman) is tasked with understanding what happened during Gabriel's mission and to determine whether or not he is at fault and able to

Arrival Movie Review


Arrival starts off with Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams), a linguist professor going through the flashbacks of her life, when she learns that Earth has been invaded by 12 spacecraft. She is contacted by Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) who plays an audio for Dr. Banks to hopefully decipher the foreign

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Movie Review

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is the second installment of the Jack Reacher franchise. We find Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) roaming from place to place on what we could say is a soul searching mission, while still finding trouble to get into along the way. The only constant in his life is

Keeping Up with the Joneses Movie Review

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Keeping Up with the Joneses introduces us to Karen (Isla Fisher) and Jeff Gaffney (Zach Galifianakis) who are a married couple who live a pretty normal life.  Karen is an interior decorator and Jeff is a Human Resources manager looking for new friends. That is until they meet their new

The Girl on the Train Movie Review

The Girl on the Train is one of this year's most highly anticipated films, especially after the blockbuster hit of Gone Girl in 2014. In this film, instead of a beautiful yet crazy married woman, we find Rachel (Emily Blunt), who is a divorced woman who has decided to cope

Bridget Jones Baby Movie Review

Bridget Jones Baby opens up unfortunately where we began in the first film. Bridget Jones ( Renée Zellweger) has found herself alone yet again and wondering where her life is going. She is more confident in her body and career but is not so confident that she will ever find true love.

Storks Movie Review

Storks introduces us to a young boy named Nate, (Anton Starkman) who is longing to have a new sibling to keep himself company. His parents, Mr. & Mrs. Gardener (Ty Burrell & Jennifer Aniston) has a real estate business they run and are constantly working with no time to pay Nate any attention.  Nate finds

Suicide Squad Movie Review

Suicide Squad comes in where we left off in Batman vs. Superman. With Superman now gone, the government must find a new way to protect the world from future metahuman threats. We are introduced to Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) who has the plan to bring together a group of the most

Lights Out Movie Review

Lights Out starts with your typical scary scene with most of the gore you will get for the entire movie. Martin (Gabriel Bateman) is a young boy who is having trouble sleeping following the death of his father Paul (Billy Burke). His mother Sophie (Maria Bello) is unable to truly care for

Ghostbusters Movie Review

There was a huge negative response when it was first announced there would be a remake of the classic Ghostbusters with an all female cast. Once trailers began to come out it seemed that most of the crowd began to get on board. I had high hopes for this female

The Purge: Election Year Movie Review

It's election year and what better way to introduce the upcoming campaign trail with The Purge: Election Year.  The movie takes place two years since Sergeant Barnes (Frank Grillo),  went through his own personal drama of the purge, to now becoming the head of security for upcoming Independent Presidential candidate Senator Charlene