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The Girl on the Train Movie Review

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The Girl on the Train is one of this year’s most highly anticipated films, especially after the blockbuster hit of Gone Girl in 2014. In this film, instead of a beautiful yet crazy married woman, we find Rachel (Emily Blunt), who is a divorced woman who has decided to cope with life by abusing alcohol. She rides the train every day while sipping her occasional vodka or wine while she stalks a beautiful woman living in the suburbs called Megan (Haley Bennett). The train passes by Megan’s house and each day Rachel falls deeper into her new reality of Megan’s life which is the life Rachel wants back.

Emily Blunt is absolutely brilliant in this film as a depressed and obviously crazy divorced alcoholic. She is so good,  I felt very uncomfortable watching her downfall as a drunk in her scenes. She is barely holding on to reality after her divorce from her ex-husband Tom (Justin Theroux) which only encourages her drinking even more. It seems her alcoholism had a role to play in the downfall of not only her life but her marriage as well. She has resorted to stalking her ex and his new wife Anna (Rachel Ferguson) during her drunken episodes. While Tom is not innocent at all in this situation you have wonder how can someone like Rachel continue to spiral out of control daily with no additional consequences. During the entire film, I was wondering where are her friends and family to hold an intervention and save her?

During the film, Rachel has another drunken episode in which she drinks so much that she blacks out. She only remembers she wanted to go confront Megan about something she sees while she is on the train, which I won’t spoil for you. The next day Rachel wakes up and realizes that not only has Megan gone missing but she does not know if she has had anything to do with her disappearance. Against any sane person’s judgment, she decides to try to  solve the mystery of Megan’s disappearance, which turns to murder when her body is found and Rachel is one of the suspects.  The movie then takes you on a roller-coaster ride of twists and turns and manages to reveal some shocking secrets.

Overall, this was a good film but it could have been even better. The movie is a little slow in the beginning but towards the end, it turns it up 10 notches. The casting for this film was great, but no one can match Emily Blunt’s performance and that’s ok with me. I will definitely say PAY to see this film in theaters. I know many will compare this film to Gone Girl, so if you need to know who wins then Gone Girl will be you answer. This film still stands well on its own which is why I will still encourage you to go see it.

Get your The Girl on the Train tickets in advanced here and don’t get sold out. The Girl on the Train is in theaters everywhere 10/7. Have you seen this film? Share your thoughts below.

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11 thoughts on “The Girl on the Train Movie Review

  1. The movie was boring because it draged on with that woman riding on the train until I fell asleep. After 45mins the movie finally comes together with a plot. At the beginning,, middle and end this movie only showed the woman riding on the train watching her ex-husband’s new wife babysitter who was in an affair and got pregnant by him.

  2. This movie was okay, the suspense was built throughout the movie to leave a catchy ending. I truly was expecting another Gone Girl, but this fell short. I think it’s a good blockbuster, and I wouldn’t be disappointed if I paid to see it with expectations that this is not Gone Girl.

  3. Not to compare, but Gone Girl was certainly more entertaining from start to finish. The film starts slow, and is a bit underwhelming at first. But, once the plot emerges you are glued to the screen, constantly making predictions of how this mystery will be solved. Every actor and actress plays their role spot on; Emily Blunt’s character unintentionally causing a bit of laughter from time to time throughout the film. Go see it. You won’t feel that you’ve wasted your money.

  4. A bit slow at times. Editing made the film seem a bit disjointed, like the lead character was not in her right mind all of the time. But the twist ending was good.

  5. I would give this movie a 3 or 3.5 stars out of 5. The acting was great! Certainly not a blockbuster. I think the editing could have been better. The ending was a surprise, but it did not pack a big punch….

  6. I liked it. Didn’t read any reviews before hand but so I wasn’t comparing to anything. Didn’t expect the ending. Not the type of movie I pay for either way though. But I would if it was.

  7. I enjoyed the movie. You get a little lost. I also compared it to Gone Girl. But it’s different from that movie and has a plot.

  8. Not really one for me. Very slow and boring for most of the film. Maybe reading the book just before the film did not help. I also thought the two blondes were too alike and this was a bit confusing. Overall the film lacked oomph.

  9. The preview looked great, sadly the tension, emotions and struggles that made this book so good are literally nonexistent.. The story is totally flat. The actors however played well! Emily was awesome – great drunk, Bennett too! Shame that the action has been moved from London to NY. Go and watch it but with absolutely no expectations! I left disappointed..

  10. The comparison to Gone Girl begins and ends with it having the word “Girl” in the title. There are hundreds of mystery thrillers about suburban relationships gone sour, of which Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train are merely but two. This one’s all about Emily Blunt’s central performace and she does a great job. It is a little slow and feels overlong (I thought it was 5 minutes to go and realised there was half an hour) but it’s decent. Had Gone Girl come out ten years earlier nobody would have noticed.
    Nobody’s pointing out how both of these films are ostensibly similar to Sleeping with the Enemy or Single White Female are they?

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