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Get Out Movie Review: Jordan Peele Shines In Directorial Debut

Get Out
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Get Out centers around an interracial couple Rose (Allison Williams) and Chris (Daniel Kaluuya). The couple have been dating for over four months when Rose decides it is finally time for Chris to meet her parents. Chris, as any boyfriend, is apprehensive about the family weekend especially since they are not aware that he is African-American. When Chris meets her parents they seem very nice, but weird things begin to happen and he quickly realizes that everything is not as it seems.

Get Out turns into a thriller/horror film as Chris tries to understand what Rose’s parents are hiding. As Chris gets to know Rose’s family more, his paranoia grows and things quickly escalate. Rose does her best to ease her boyfriend’s fears and to encourages him to embrace her family, but things are not adding up. One of my favorite scenes of the film centers around a family gathering that tackles racial stereotypes to perfection. From then on the film turns into horror, mystery, and suspense as Chris discovers Rose’s family secret and fights to survive the night.

Jordan Peele does an amazing job in his directorial debut with engrossing the audience in this modern horror thriller coupled with stereotypical racial undertones. His characters actually react and say what the audience is thinking the entire time. His use of comedic relief in the film is properly placed at the right moments when the horrific tension peaks. Jordan Peele has gotten the horror genre right from beginning to end and the audience will be very pleased.

I have never enjoyed a movie as well as I enjoyed Get Out. This film took me through every emotion and left me wanting more at the end. It is also one of the first films in which I left the audience with everyone raving about how great the movie was. Get Out is box office gold and I am confident it will win this weekend’s box office. The trailer actually matches what you think the film is about and then gives you a backstory that you would have never imagined!  I recommend that you PAY to see this movie in theaters.

Get Out hits theaters this Friday, February 24th. Click here to purchase your tickets now at Fandango so you don’t get sold out. Have you seen Get Out? Share your thoughts on the film below!


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16 thoughts on “Get Out Movie Review: Jordan Peele Shines In Directorial Debut

  1. I was very pleased with this film… I got a chance to watch early as well and although I’m typically not a fan of horror films this film was suspenseful was quick had a great plot and a great dialogue that was natural and completely connected with the audience. I loved the movie and was scared every minute. I believe everyone will love this movie but for so many different reasons and I think that’s the beauty!

  2. Omg! Best movie I’ve seen this year. Your line, “I never enjoyed a movie as well as I enjoyed Get Out. This film took me through every emotion and left me wanting more at the end,” echoes exactly how I feel. The movie is definitely a must see.

  3. By far my favorite movie and I hate horror movies! The acting was phenomenal and every scene was well thought out and has had me thinking about the underlining themes throughout the movie! This movie is more than horror…. it’s suspense, it’s a thriller, it’s thought-provoking and it makes you question many casual sayings and what they mean in the context of race. Great review! A must pay to see!!

  4. Best Movie of the Year thus far and a tough one to unseat! Completely and pleasantly unexpected when you think of Jordan Peele’s body of work. I’m still thinking about prior dialogue and character interaction throughout the movie as the crescendo of suspense and mystery of the story ultimately unraveled! Would definitely PAY to see this movie!

  5. This Movie was so good, it’s not what think about it being hella racist. It will keep you wanting to see more and it’s funny. The same Producer who produced the Visit, Produced this one and the visit had it’s funny moments so does this one. The suspense have you throwed. 2Thumbs up

  6. Save it prescreening .. Loved the movie . Its suspense , thriller and comedy. Worth every penny .. Wish they would make a second part to it.

  7. PAT! I could not wait. The accuracy of the fear that we experience in racial microagressions is captured with genius. The cinematic techniques used throughout are captivating. Film theory is used with such precision that I hope it encourages us to “stay woke” as the film’s theme. I also see it inspiring conversations to awaken more allies as it presents information in a diliberate visual.

  8. A phenomenal movie for sure! A true psycjological thriller with just the right amount of comedic relief. This movie was also very easy for the black viewer to identify with the concept of microagression. Hat’s off to
    Jordan Peele…. clearly a man of many talents!!! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

  9. Get Out was amazing start to finish! Definitely an instant classic! Never have I laughed and been terrified at the same time. I can’t wait to see it again!

  10. Awesome movie! It was carefully directed by Peele and it had a great mixture of comedic relief and thrills. Would definitely say pay to go see it! I’m so glad I did!!!

  11. Not one to watch horror movies but glad I saw this one. Your recommendation on FB along with my daughter’s pushing got me to the theater. I love when a movie has the audience clapping, cheering and rooting for the main character. I’ve been telling everyone I know to check it out.

  12. So well written!! Jordan Peele did such a great job of telling this story. I laughed, I got angry, I almost cried. I was on the edge of my seat pretty much the whole movie!!!! Definitely a must see!!!

  13. Great review!! I loved this film and the theatre was packed. Looks like it will perform well at the box office. So many themes to unpack!!

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