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Girls Trip Movie Review: A Hilarious Trip From Beginning To End

Girls Trip
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Girls Trip centers around Ryan (Regina Hall), a successful author, who has been invited to be the keynote speaker at the annual Essence Festival in New Orleans. Ryan decides to make this a girls trip and invite her friends  Sasha (Queen Latifah), Lisa (Jada Pinkett-Smith), and Dina (Tiffany Haddish). The women have been friends since college, but life has had them grow apart, and this trip is the perfect time for them to reconnect. Their trip to the Essence Festival will leave their lives forever changed as they reconnect with one another.

Girls Trip

Ryan is a successful and well put together wife, with the perfect husband and life. Sasha is a journalist turned gossip blogger who has made a bad reputation for airing celebrities dirty laundry. Lisa is the divorced mom-focused friend who needs to let loose on this trip. Dina is the crazy friend everyone in the world needs to live life and have fun. For me, Tiffany Haddish definitely steals the entire show and keeps the audience’s attention by delivering some of the funniest scenes in the film. Jada Pinkett-Smith comes in a close second with her crazy antics and gives new meaning to a golden shower.

Girls Trip

One of the main things I enjoyed about this film was the consistent comedy from beginning to end. Most comedic movies lose their steam halfway through the film, but Girls Trip breaks the mold and finds a way to keep the jokes consistent and relevant the entire time. Girls Trip is raunchy comedy performed to perfection. This film goes there in a good way that will keep the audience laughing as the women show you how far they can go. I have to recommend you PAY to see this film in theaters. This is hands down one of the funniest movies of the year!

Girls Trip hits theaters Friday, July 21st. Click here to purchase your tickets at Fandango, so you don’t get sold out! Have you seen Girls Trip? Share your thoughts on the film in the comment section below!

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20 thoughts on “Girls Trip Movie Review: A Hilarious Trip From Beginning To End

  1. A raunchy adult comedy that will have you laughing so hard you start crying It’s also a heartwarming story about friendship!! A perfect balance!!

  2. This movie was chock-ful-of-comedy from the beginning til the end; and provides a nice life lesson in the mix of all the laughter. I recommend this movie for women and or men that want to have a girls/guys night out…or just mix it up and go as a group. It would make for good conversation after the movie. I was very pleased with this film and more elated to see an all black cast (main roles, extras, etc.) in such a well thought out, wild ride, hangover style of film. This is a raunchy movie that you’ll want to purchase when it pops out on DVD. Go see this movie and tell someone else to go see it.

  3. I’m beyond excited to see this film! It will not only be refreshing to see an all female led cast, which we’ve seen deliver great films like Bridesmaids and Bad Mom, but also, Im happy to see Jada and Queen Latifah back on the screen together under lighter circumstances. In addition, Tiffany Haddish has been grinding for awhile, so I look forward to seeing her shine on the big screen.

  4. I can’t remember when I laughed throughout the entire movie and was taken by surprise so many times, I can’t count. Great storyline. The ladies were awesome but Tiffany Haddish made the movie sooo funny. A MUST SEE. I will go see again.

  5. I absolutely enjoyed this movie! It was hilarious from the beginning to the end. And the eye candy of Larenz Tate and Kofi definitely didn’t hurt either.

  6. I truly enjoyed this movie from beginning to end! It was much better than I anticipate…
    It was full of laughter and provided life lessons on true friendship!
    Definitely worth paying to see and purchase….

  7. I was excited to see this movie and it definitely did not disappoint! The cast is phenomenal and funny. The eye candy was delicious. The laughs were there beginning to end and not just laughs, you went on the emotional roller coaster with the characters, getting mad and sad when appropriate and cheering when the time was right. Tiffany Haddish should finally get some well deserved recognition for her comedic greatness and unlike another girl themed comedy released recently, the rest of the cast held their own as well! Get your girls together and have a girl’s night for this one-you’ll be glad that you did!

  8. Man.. I haven’t laughed this much in a movie in a long time. This movie was hilarious beginning to end. The women acted well together. The eye candy Ralph Angel was a treat. The overall portrayal of sisterhood and black women issues was done in excellence. This movie made we want to call my girls and organize our next road trip. I recommend this movie to all. Please go out and pay and support this film. I will be seeing it again on Saturday.

  9. Definitely, loved this movie. Makes my top 5 of the funniest movies of the year! Tina Haddish was hysterical. PAY!

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