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Hampton Creek Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

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Lately I have been trying to make more vegan choices in common foods I consume. What is better than finding a vegan alternative to your favorite cookie? Absolutely nothing! A friend of mine brought me some Hampton Creek vegan chocolate chip cookie dough to try out. I was apprehensive at first to try it but who can really turn down chocolate chip cookies vegan or not vegan. I had to try these cookies!

I first tried the cookie dough by itself before placing the cookies in the oven. It tasted amazing! Exactly like normal chocolate chip cookie dough. I gave some to my friends to try as well and they could not believe it was vegan. After baking them in the over for 15-17 minutes the cookies looked great. On the container it tells you to cook them for 11 minutes but I left them in longer to make sure it wasn’t too soft and the dough was cooked through. Pair these cookies with some almond milk ice cream and its a match made in heaven!

Final verdict is this product is a must have! What a great way to have a vegan option for your favorite snack! Have you tried Hampton Creek chocolate chip cookies? Share your experience below!

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