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The Red Phone Booth: A Prohibition Experience

Red Phone Booth
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Now, who doesn’t love a good cocktail with the option to have a cigar to go with it? I was excited to find a fabulous speakeasy-themed cigar club called Red Phone Booth while downtown in Atlanta. Red Phone Booth offers a prohibition experience featuring an exclusive cigar program and a turn of the century craft cocktail selection. Not only does the decor of the establishment teleport you back to the roaring 20’s, but their prescriptions (drinks) are exactly what the doctor ordered.


Red Phone Booth

Before you can go inside, you will see an out of place Red Phone Booth which is actually the entrance to the club. If you are not a member of the club, you will need to have the password to dial on the phone to enter. I love an establishment that has a bit of mystery and exclusiveness to it which only peaked my interest even more. Once I entered, I was in love with the inside decor from the rare bourbons on display, to the lovely leather couches and chairs. I decided to sit at the bar and try out a few of their cocktails.

Drink Highlights

Red Phone Booth

When I sat at the bar I was immediately greeted and asked which drink I would prefer to have. The gentlemen at the bar wanted me to get out of my comfort zone from my typical Old Fashioned so I decided to try a drink with Gin in it. I was in love with my drink, which was called the Bramble, especially since Gin is not for the faint of heart and this drink did not disappoint.

Red Phone Booth


While I loved the Bramble I had to try their Old Fashioned. For anyone who knows me, they know I love an Old Fashioned and it is my go to drink at any bar. It is very important to me that they get it right because so many make them so wrong.

Red Phone Booth

My Old Fashioned was absolutely divine with a smoky taste to it. This has to be one of the best ones I have had in Atlanta. Outside of my amazing drink, I was impressed at how knowledgable the staff was. For each drink I tried they gave insightful backstories to how these drinks tied into the Prohibition Era.

Red Phone Booth

What makes Red Phone Booth such a great establishment is it is not just a cigar club but an experience. From the drink selection, decor, staff, and cigar selection this is the go-to destination for those wanting a prohibition experience. I will definitely be back to Red Phone Booth and I am even looking into having a membership as well.

Have you been to Red Phone Booth? Share your experience below!

Red Phone Booth 

17 Andrew Young International Blvd NE

Atlanta, GA 30303

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2 thoughts on “The Red Phone Booth: A Prohibition Experience

  1. Cherrys, sugar and Bitters muttled together into a thick paste is the key to a great Old Fashion. Sounds like a cool place!

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