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Baywatch Movie Review

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Baywatch is based on the popular 90’s TV series starring David Hasselholff and Pamela Anderson. This movie is definitely not meant to be taken seriously and more of a satire of the original TV series. This film stars Dwayne Johnson as Mitch Buchannon, who is the head of the Baywatch lifeguard team. While Mitch enjoys his job, the city has continued to cut the costs to support the Baywatch team, and he is tasked with proving why their team is needed to keep the beach safe. The team has a few open positions available, and we are then introduced to Matt Brody (Zac Efron), Summer Quinn (Alexandra Daddario), and Ronnie Greenbaum (John Bass).


Matt Brody is a handsome, yet not so smart two time Olympic gold medalist who’s bad boy ways has landed him on the Baywatch team. He is not a team player and gives Mitch some major headaches as he tries to train him. While Zac Efron was nice to look at during the film, he did not provide many laughs for me compared to his previous comedic roles. Dwayne Johnson does fine in his role and is fun to watch, but his performance is not enough to save this movie. The standout of the film to me would be John Bass. He provides most of the laughs as the awkward, overweight lifeguard who struggles to prove what he can do compared to his athletic counterparts.  The women of the film did not get much material to work with which was disappointing, but for all of you men out there wondering they are nice to look at. Priyanka Chopra does well as the villain Victoria Leeds, but I wanted to see them do more with her role as well.


Overall, I did not enjoy this film at all. I was disappointed with the lack of comedy, especially given the ensemble. While the movie does have a few and I do mean only a few funny parts it wasn’t enough to keep my attention. On a more positive note, the cast looks amazing in this film, but there is only so much saving that Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron’s abs can do. I would recommend you WAIT to see this movie in theaters.

If you want to give this movie a shot, click here to purchase your tickets in advance at Fandango. Have you seen Baywatch? Share your thoughts on the film in the comment section below!

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