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Snatched Movie Review

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Snatched, centers around Emily (Amy Schumer), a young woman who somewhat hasn’t fully grown up yet, who was recently dumped by her boyfriend Michael (Randall Park). Not only is Emily heartbroken over the breakup, but she had a trip planned for both of them to Ecuador, and now she has no one to go with her. Feeling at rock bottom, she decides to convince her overly cautious mother Linda (Goldie Hawn) to take the trip with her. From then on, we are taken on a journey of fun, yet terrifying adventure for the two ladies.


Amy Schumer delivers on her over the top raunchy comedy in this film. For the majority of the film, her jokes hit and makes the audience laugh, but I really could not feel the chemistry between her and Goldie Hawn. Goldie Hawn did a great job at portraying the overly cautious and sometimes too intrusive mother, but she wasn’t comedically convincing to me in this film.


For me, the funniest moments of this movie came from the supporting cast. Ike Barinholtz is hilarious in this film, as Emily’s paranoid and nerdy brother Jeffrey. Every moment he is on the screen is pure gold, and I will never think or say the word mama the same again. Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack as the “platonic” friends on vacation, Ruth and Barb deliver some great laughs during this film, and it was nice to see both of them back on the big screen.


Overall, the movie did have its funny parts, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I did not hate this film. The supporting characters of the film made the movie for me along with the raunchy humor of Amy Schumer. If you are an Amy Schumer fan, I would recommend you PAY to see this film in theaters. If you are like me, and raunchy over the top comedy isn’t necessarily your thing, I would say WAIT to see this.

Snatched hits theaters this Mother’s Day weekend. Click here to purchase your tickets at Fandango, so you don’t get sold out.

Have you seen Snatched? Share your thoughts on the film below!

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2 thoughts on “Snatched Movie Review

  1. Wow! Great review! I personally am excited to see the film, but am also debating whether or not to see it with my mother due to Amy’s sometimes over the top, borderline TEW much comedy. However, my mother and I both love Goldie!!! and Ike Barinholtz is everything… so maybe I’ll check it out. 😉

    1. I love Goldie to especially in Death Becomes Her and First Wives club. She just didn’t do it for me in this film. Let me know what you think of the film if you go see it!

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