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The Dark Tower Movie Review

Dark Tower
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The Dark Tower is based on a mythology series by Stephen King. This film centers around Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), a young boy who is haunted by his dreams with visions of a Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey), a gunslinger (Idris Elba), and a dark tower. His mom Laurie (Katheryn Winnick) and step-father Elmer (Karl Thaning) are at their wits end with their son’s delusions and are desperate to get him to snap out of it. Jake knows that his visions are real and he sets off to try to find the men in his dreams.

Dark Tower

Matthew McConaughey is great during the first half of the film as a sexy, yet evil sorcerer who goes by the name Walter. He truly commits to the role and does not overact which makes you almost admire his character outside of the odd name of Walter. Idris Elba delivers a good performance as the mysterious gunslinger Roland who tries to protect Jake from Walter.

Dark Tower

This first hour of this film is very slow paced with no real storyline to keep the audience’s attention. During the entire movie, you want to know more about this new world and the back history of how these two main characters came to be. Unfortunately, you leave the theater with no more information than what you started with at the beginning of the film. When the action is there it’s great, however, there are very few scenes with any real gunslinging and action which was a huge let down for me. Instead, you leave the theater feeling confused wondering what Nikolaj Arcel’s intentions were with this movie.

Dark Tower

This movie is not horrible, but it isn’t good either. This film lacked the imagination and story that Stephen King’s mythology series offered. I would have to recommend that you WAIT to see this film in theaters. This film is better suited for a Redbox night. If this movie is greenlit for a second installment, I truly hope that they take the time and put forth real effort to bring this Dark Tower series back to life.

The Dark Tower hits theaters this Friday, August 4th. Click here to purchase your tickets at Fandango. Have you seen The Dark Tower? Share your thoughts on the film in the comment section below.

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18 thoughts on “The Dark Tower Movie Review

  1. I agree 100%!!! Maybe I would have liked it better if I had read the books! Instead I’m left with a movie that would air on the Syfy network. I say wait then wait some more then watch it on tv!!!

  2. I actually really liked this movie and would not have been disappointed if I paid to see it. I liked McConaughey as The Man in Black and loved Idris as the Gunslinger. This movie is a sequel to all of the chaos that happens in the book-which gives you the history on the war between the two main characters and after seeing this I’m going to read the book.

  3. I loved this movie, Probably will go see it again. I actually cant think of a movie I seen this summer that I liked more

  4. It met my expectations – I went in wanting to see Idris Elba portray a gunslinging hero that saves the world and that is exactly what I got. Plus an interest to find out more about the world of The Dark Tower and these characters. I liked it.

  5. Enjoyed the movie and will now read the books. It was enough information to make me want to read the books to learn more. I would pay to see it.

  6. I wish they went deeper into the gunslingers motivation for revenge or what exactly was keeping the dark tower standing. It was a good movie…But it could have been much better.

  7. I can agree completely…and as the movie played I kept saying that this should be a Netflix movie. I fell asleep after the first 25-30 minutes because none of the characters nor the story grabbed me. Being that Idris was called a gunslinger, I was looking for some gun action along the lines of the film “Equilibrium” or “Wanted” but I didn’t get that. I guess he was a gunslinger from an old western. I woke up periodically btw and was put back to sleep because my interest wasn’t piqued. I’d WAIT on this one.

  8. Dark Tower was ok. I fell asleep on it. I figured out what was missing from the movie though. It didn’t really go into how the characters came about like why the scars and faces. I think if they went into the characters background more and as to why good vs evil came about, the movie would have lasted longer than 95 min. So much more could have been done with the movie. I did like the quick reloading part of sexy Idris character and the shooting but need more actions. They tried to make a love interest with the little boy and the little girl but that didn’t last long. When he said “Don’t breathe”, I held my breath for a moment, that was good too for me from an interactive stand point. I see why it was rated a 7. I would give it a 6.5, 7. However, being that I like both Idris and Matthew whom are both good looking men, I didn’t mind looking at the film just for the looks of them. Lol! I would WAIT to see it also but you will have to gather your opinion in the film if you PAY to see it. Mixed reviews on this film so to each it’s own.

  9. I thought Dark Tower was entirely too slow. I didn’t know why the little boy was haunted in his dream. there was no catching you up if you didn’t the trilogy of the movie. when there was action it was really good I love the way he was able to load his guns so effortlessly and beautiful I would not pay to see it.

  10. I put off seeing the movie because I wanted to first get further with the books. After finishing the third book, I thought “How in the world are they going to fit this into a 1.5-hour movie?”… The book series is really interesting, though. It’s like if you combined Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Clint Eastwood westerns, Stranger Things, and Wild Wild West. … As for the film, I love the idea of casting Idris Elba as Roland, but my expectations for the adaptation are duly lowered.

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