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Lights Out Movie Review

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Lights Out starts with your typical scary scene with most of the gore you will get for the entire movie. Martin (Gabriel Bateman) is a young boy who is having trouble sleeping following the death of his father Paul (Billy Burke). His mother Sophie (Maria Bello) is unable to truly care for him due to her depression following the death of her husband. Martin goes to his sister Rebecca (Teresa Palmer)  for help letting her know he has been having nightmares just as she did when she was younger.

During the movie, they try to get their mother help while also realizing that their childhood nightmare might be more real than they ever thought. They try to discover the hidden story behind the monster tormenting their family while also discovering a few hidden family secrets. Lights Out surprisingly did not have many cliché horror movie moments which was actually refreshing for a change. The monster in the movie is scary for the few moments we actually get to see its face. The plot of the movie is actually realistic and believable outside of the paranormal effects.

Overall, Lights Out is your typical horror movie but without all the cliché fails most characters make. The movie is believable and the characters are very convincing. I have to admit I definitely screamed and jumped with the rest of them but I still slept soundly asleep last night. I would recommend a PAY if you are looking for a horror movie with a decent plot and story. While the movie wasn’t completely terrifying it is definitely not a waste of time to go see in theaters.

Lights Out hits theaters on July 22nd. Don’t get sold out, click here to purchase your tickets! Are you afraid of the dark? Do you dare sleep with the lights out? Comment below!

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