Wish Upon: A Kidz Bop Take On Final Destination

Wish Upon

Wish Upon centers around Clare Shannon (Joey King), a not so popular teenager, who receives a music box from her dad Jonathan (Ryan Phillippe). Clare is having a hard time dealing with her high school life and as any teenager does she wishes her life would take a turn for

The Mummy Review: Was It Worth The Reboot?

The Mummy

The Mummy is a reboot of the famous franchise, which starred Brendan Fraiser and Rachel Weisz. This time, Tom Cruise is the leading man as Nick Morton, who is a soldier that steals valuable artifacts on the side to make money. His current scheme is to find valuable artifacts hidden in

Don’t Breathe Movie Review

Don't Breathe opens up with a group of teenagers, Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette), and Money (Daniel Zovatto), breaking into homes while using the security codes stolen from Alex's dad to steal their items and sell them to save up enough money to leave Michigan. The group is tipped

Lights Out Movie Review

Lights Out starts with your typical scary scene with most of the gore you will get for the entire movie. Martin (Gabriel Bateman) is a young boy who is having trouble sleeping following the death of his father Paul (Billy Burke). His mother Sophie (Maria Bello) is unable to truly care for

The Purge: Election Year Movie Review

It's election year and what better way to introduce the upcoming campaign trail with The Purge: Election Year.  The movie takes place two years since Sergeant Barnes (Frank Grillo),  went through his own personal drama of the purge, to now becoming the head of security for upcoming Independent Presidential candidate Senator Charlene