Sundance Review: ‘Run Rabbit Run’ Delivers a Layered Horror Story About Guilt, Family Dynamics, and Resentment

Run Rabbit Run Sundance Review

In one of the scenes in Daina Reid's Run Rabbit Run, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Mia (Lily Latorre) says to her mother, Sarah (Sarah Snook), that she misses people she never met all the time. Although a little girl refers to her grandmother, the sentence stays with

Sundance Review: ‘The Starling Girl’ is a Moving Coming-Of-Age Film with Eliza Scanlen

The Starling Girl Sundance Review

Eliza Scanlen's Jem Starling, in Laurel Parmet's The Starling Girl, doesn't have an easy life growing up in rural Kentucky. The seventeen-year-old girl wholeheartedly believes she's disappointing God, her family, and everybody involved as she doesn't want to marry the boy they'd like. The actress's coming-of-age role is often heartbreaking,

Sundance Review: ‘Cat Person’ Is an Unevenly Paced Thriller Drama with Noteworthy Performances by Jones and Braun

Cat Person Review

In Susanna Kogel's adaptation of Kristen Roupenian's The New Yorker viral short story, Cat Person, Margot (Emilia Jones) and her friend Taylor (Geraldine Viswanathan) are mortified as they examine Margot's phone, which keeps receiving nasty, disrespectful texts from Robert (Nicholas Braun), her would-be boyfriend. This specific scene is quite chilling

Sundance Review: ‘Eileen’ Is an Intoxicating Revamp of the Noir

Eileen Sundance Review

Imagine Carol but make it film noir. You'd get William Oldroyd’s Eileen. Based on Ottessa Moshfegh’s novel of the same name, it feels like a Patricia Highsmith novel directed by Douglas Sirk and Alfred Hitchcock. It has both that stunning Sirk cinematography, layered over Hitchcock suspense. One of the most

Sundance Review: ‘My Animal’ Is for Queer Horror Lovers

My Animal Sundance Review

Jacqueline Castel’s debut feature, My Animal, is for queer horror lovers. Inspired by classic monster movies and '80s horror, it’s another intricately woven tale of otherness and the battle towards self-acceptance. By exploring relevant adolescent struggles and complex family dynamics, as well as themes of inheritance, it navigates the most

Sundance Review: ‘Sometimes I Think About Dying’ Is for the Depressed Introverts

Sometimes I Think About Dying Review

Rachel Lambert’s Sometimes I Think About Dying is for depressed introverts. It’s for those who like being alone but are also incredibly lonely. It’s a complicated dilemma that is difficult to put into words, but the film captures it for us. Once a short film, the script does feel like

Sundance Review: ‘Infinity Pool’ Cracks the Rich Wide Open in a Sick Satire

Infinity Pool Movie Review

In Infinity Pool’s opening frames, the camera flips upside down to prepare its audience for a disorienting experience. Brandon Cronenberg delivers just that. His latest is The White Lotus dialed up to eleven on the violence scale. A kaleidoscopic, suspenseful, and sick satire that blends the thriller, horror, and sci-fi

Sundance Review: “Am I OK?” Superbly Highlights Why There is No Such Thing as Coming Out Too Late

Am I Ok? Sundance

Whether to close friends or relatives, coming out is one of the most difficult events in a person's life. Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne, a real-life married couple of actors, explore platonic female friendship in their directorial debut and emphasize that each and every person's coming out is important, regardless of age. Lucy (Dakota

Sundance Review: Rebecca Hall Is A Force Of Nature In ‘Resurrection’

Resurrection Sundance Review

Writer-director Andrew Semans is no stranger to tackling real fears. In his first feature, Nancy, Please, he plays on the anxiety of moving out for the first time and ending up with a psycho roommate. Ten years later in Resurrection, the fears are much darker. Mothers fear that they won’t

Sundance Review: ‘After Yang’ Is A Transcendent Tale Of Connection And Identity

After Yang Review

Nothing has been more serene than witnessing Kogonada’s artistic journey. Despite only having two feature films under his belt, it’s already clear that he will one day be considered as one of the greatest cinematic auteurs of the 21st Century. In his latest film, After Yang – based on the short story, Saying

Sundance Review: Aubrey Plaza is Criminally Good in Heist Drama, “Emily the Criminal”

Emily the Criminal movie

Living in the United States of America, everyone discusses one topic sooner or later: student debt and its massive ramifications in adulthood. In John Patton Ford's brilliant heist drama Emily the Criminal, the audience gets to see what happens when you throw your morals out the window and do whatever it takes to

Sundance Review: ‘Fresh’ Is a Biting Allegory With a Potent Aftertaste

Fresh Movie 2022

Fresh hearkens back to films like American Psycho but directs its edge to the millennial and Gen Z experience of online dating. Swiping left and right is a daily ritual for most who end up wasting their time with so many boring people on bad dates. The lens of director

Sundance Review: ‘Call Jane’ Is an Engaging Drama About a Vital Fight

Call Jane Review

The year 1968 saw an America in upheaval as political storms swept the nation along with the eruption of youthful protest, and the civil rights movement suffered the loss of Martin Luther King Jr. Most protests may have been loud, but others were not. On the heels of Roe V.