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Sully Movie Review

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Sully tells the true story of what happened January 15, 2009, when Captain “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) landed U.S. Airways flight 1549 onto the Hudson River. Many coined this event as the “Miracle on the Hudson” but what many did not know was this national hero was also being investigated for his actions on that day which put his career in jeopardy. This movie, takes you through the investigation and also shows how Sully struggled to deal with the new found fame and post-traumatic stress the crash had on him and his crew.

Tom Hanks does a great job at making you fall in love with Cpt. Sullenberger and truly gets you to connect with his character of being just a really great guy. His bravery is showed on that day as well as his compassion for the passengers and crew to make sure all 155 passengers were ok before even thinking about himself.  Aaron Eckhart plays co-pilot Jeff Skiles who was in the cockpit on that day and he delivers some comedic relief without even trying when things get a bit tense. What I truly enjoyed about the film is how they conveyed the people of New York coming together to help save the passengers.  It also showed how this miracle gave New York hope even when they were still mourning from the attacks of September 11th.

Overall, this was a good movie that told a true story which many people may not know about the “Miracle on the Hudson” My job is not to only to tell you whether or not the movie was good but to also tell you if you should spend your money on it. Based on that, I recommend you WAIT to see this movie. This movie was better suited to be a Lifetime special or even a Netflix original movie but not in theaters. Keep in mind this is only based off of my experience but I would not be doing my job if I didn’t give you my honest opinion.

For those of you who want to still take a chance and experience this movie for yourself, Sully lands in theaters on September 9th. Head to Fandango now to buy tickets and receive an eBook for free. Offer valid 8/31 through 9/14. While supplies last. Terms apply. Have you seen Sully? Post your thoughts below in the comment section and don’t forget to rate the movie below on the star scale.

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