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Bad Moms Movie Review

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Bad Moms opens up to what seems like the perfect life: a great marriage, two kids, a big great home, and a great job. Then life happens. You realize that Amy (Mila Kunis) is stretched way too thin and has way too much on her plate to make this “perfect life” happen. With the help of the PTA edition of Mean Girls Gwendolyn, Stacy, and Vicky (Christina Applegate, Jada Smith, and Annie Mumolo) she snaps. On top of realizing that she hates trying to be a perfect mother, she finds out that her marriage isn’t so perfect either. Her husband, Mike (David Walton), is a joke of a father/husband and is told to kick rocks.

It is great to see a woman having the controlling say in a home on the big screen. Then enters Amy’s new entourage: Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and Kiki ( Kristen Bell). These three ladies make this movie. Carla is the over sexed, crazy, single mom with quite questionable morals. Kiki is the suppressed and controlled stay at home mother of four. Well that is until she starts hanging out with Amy and Carla. When these three get together, all hell breaks loose.

Overall, this movie was great. I thought that I may not relate as much since I don’t have kids, but that wasn’t a factor at all. I laughed so hard at this movie and so did the entire audience. It has been a really long time since the laughter in the theater was so loud that I couldn’t hear the next line. Kunis delivered so well at being that “everyday” mom and one that mothers everywhere can relate to. Hahn’s one liners had me laughing to the point of tears. For me, she made the movie. Bell’s character was hilarious and unexpected. In a lot of her other roles, she is foul mouthed and tells it like it is. It was really funny to see her in a more demure role and breaking out of her shell.

Applegate as the leader of the PTA Mean Girls Club was fabulous! Smith’s role as Stacy was the one lackluster spots of the movie for me. I expected more from her. Oh well. Now, if you are looking for a bit of eye candy, Jay Hernandez delivers in his role as the single dad, Jessie, and the new love interest of Kunis. Overall this movie was hilarious and definitely deserves the recommendation of PAY to see in movie theaters.

Bad Moms opens in theaters today 7/29. Buy tickets now at Fandango and you could win the ultimate girls night out. Offer valid through 8/1. Terms Apply.

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