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Nerve Movie Review

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Nerve centers around high school senior Vee, Emma Roberts, who is becoming tired of her boring life after her best friend Sydney, Emily Meade, embarrasses her in front of her high school crush. Feeling like she needs to prove her friend wrong, Vee decides to sign up to play the game Nerve. Nerve is a game on its own social media site where you can choose if you are a watcher or a player in a game, which your only option is to take on dares that the watchers give you. For each dare you complete, you will earn money directly deposited into your account. If you bail, you will lose all money you have made thus far and will be eliminated from the game. In order to win the entire game, you must have enough people watching to boost your score.

During the game, Vee is dared to kiss a stranger in a diner. She chooses a fellow player by the name of Ian, Dave Franco. The two begin to play the game together in hopes of winning big money. During the course of the game these two realize that the game is not what it seems and they then must work together to find a way out.

I have to say I did not have high standards going into this movie. However, when the game began I was on the edge of my seat until the very end. Nerve does a great job at keeping you trapped in the movie with their amazing camera views. In the game, each player must record their dare from their own point of view in order for the dare to be complete. This allows the audience to feel the players fear and actually picture themselves completing the dare with them at the same time.

If you are looking for a movie that will keep your heart pounding and on the edge of your seat the whole time then this movie is for you. I will definitely rate this movie PAY to go see it in theaters. It will exceed your expectations as it did mine.

Nerve is out in theaters on July 27th. Don’t get sold out, click here to purchase your tickets! Are you a Watcher or Player? Comment below!

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6 thoughts on “Nerve Movie Review

  1. After the first half hour I thought this movie would be just another summer movie for teen audience. I was very pleasantly surprised as it progressed how well thought out the plot was.

  2. Nice movie my on LOVE IT he couldn’t wait to call his friends and tell them about the movie

  3. NERVE entertains without the gory murder scenes found in other movies. The story is well developed and edge of the seat fun. Hopefully, no one will think to create software alike NERVE that allows people with dares to risk their lives for $$$$.

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