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Central Intelligence Movie Review

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I have finally had time to let my imaginary abs rest from all the laughing I just did. Ladies and gentleman, we have now officially found our comedy dream team with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence. Kevin Hart plays the role of Calvin Johnson, the popular guy in high school but now lives a not so popular life as an accountant. Calvin meets up with an old high school classmate Bob Stone, Dwyane Johnson, and finds himself an accomplish to a espionage murderer on the CIA’s most wanted list.

Surprisingly, Dwayne Johnson steals the show from Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence. Don’t get me wrong Kevin was hilarious in this movie, but Dwayne was refreshingly and genuinely funny without having to try too hard. This pair compliments each other very well which is why this was such a great movie to watch. There are a  few actions scenes in this movie as well but nothing on a Fast and Furious or any other Dwanye Johnson action movie level.

What I did love about this movie was their use of celebrity appearances. I won’t spoil who else is in this film but you will love how they introduce some of your favorite comedy stars. This was the best use of celebrity cameos I have ever seen done outside of a Marvel film.

If you are looking for a movie which will have you laughing all the way home with some fun action scenes this movie is for you. Definitely PAY to see this movie in theaters. Central Intelligence opens 6/17. Get your tickets here before they sell out!

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3 thoughts on “Central Intelligence Movie Review

  1. Wait. This movie was funny but definitely not worth paying for. The Rock really didn’t do anything the entire time that would make him seem like a viable CIA agent and Kevin Hart ran around the whole movie scared of his own shadow. But mostly The Rock was awful.

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