The Boys Season 2 Review: Bigger, Badder, Meaner, And Yet Kind Of Hopeful Superhero Satire

The Boys Season 2

When The Boys premiered last year, it was a bit of a double-edged sword. It came at the perfect time for a satire of superheroes and how they would act in the real world (premiering a couple of months before Watchmen) but more importantly, it satirized the way we consume

Trail By Media Review: Expect Entertainment With The Courtroom Docuseries, Not Depth

Trial By Media

A six-part true-crime docuseries, composed of infamous trials, with each chapter helmed by a different director than the prior, the George Clooney Grant Hesolv-produced Trial by Media illuminates how media outlets may have altered the outcomes of the cases they covered. As bit-sized consumable true-crime stories—most of the episodes clock-in at

Hollywood Netflix Review: A Much Needed Revisionist Portrayal

Hollywood Netflix

What if Hollywood was a more inclusive environment years ago? What if we saw an origin story about a diverse group of talent ready to shake the very foundation of Hollywood to its core? That’s the premise of Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix limited series, Hollywood. Following the stories of real-life

Westworld’s Season 3 Premiere Takes A Bold New Direction

Westworld Season 3 Episode 1 Review

The wait is finally over! The Westworld Season 3 premiere aired last night and the series has taken a bold new direction. Make sure to check out my review of last night's episode and whether or not I am on board with the series new direction.   Parce Domaine Synopsis: If you're stuck